cooler pack

The particular cooler pack is an bag with a continuous temperature effect, which may keep cold/heat (warm within winter and cool within summer). The insulation layer from the product is ultra-thick padding cotton, which provides a great thermal insulation effect; your handmade jewelry can be folded it is convenient to carry. A bag you can use in outdoor picnics or in standard of living. It is used to hold on to various foods and sustain the temperature and freshness of the food. It is a type of outdoor luggage.
ONE PARTICULAR. Cold storage is typically called an ice pack, which can be used for a mobile refrigerator for the preservation of iced drinks, fruits, breast milk/tea/seafood, along with foods; it is in addition used for refrigerated travel of medicines, vaccines and other products.
2. Heat preservation is usually used for heat availability food, lunch, restaurant offering, and so on.
Fabric: Oxford cloth or perhaps nylon cloth, strong and wear-resistant; equipped with any waterproof rubber sole, with an anti-skid pad at the end.
Structure: The bento ice pack can be an improved mini version from the ice pack. Compared together with traditional ice packs, they have a smaller capacity it is usually equipped with A SINGLE fresh-keeping box. The independent insulated food warehouse comes with an anti-compression system, plus the food is stored devoid of extrusion.
Inside: The inside of the food warehouse is constructed of aluminum foil, which is insulated by PE organic cotton and has the purpose of keeping cold and also heat. It is environmentally safe and may be in direct get in touch with with food.
Function: Using hot-melt seamless bonding technologies, long heat preservation occasion.
Portable, lightweight, trendy design, food can be kept fresh for some time, easy to use, ideal for outdoor picnics and standard of living (for example: can possibly be used for children in order to bring lunch to institution. You can enjoy fresh food at any time, but also to ensure hygiene and health. )
Insulation test: Put the cooked lunch in an insulated bag at 8 o'clock each morning, tighten the zipper and save it, then go to work, and put it in the place where you don't have wind when you get to the company. At close to 12 o'clock, I popped the bento for lunch time. It was still hot, so I can eat it directly merely want! For those folks who work, it is especially made for companies that shouldn't have microwave ovens. Because it truly is to test the direct effect belonging to the insulation bag, no warm measures are taken on the outside of of the lunch package, and it is placed directly inside the insulation bag. If you can put cotton clothes and also other items in the travelling bag, it can also boost the heat preservation effect! (Related to be able to outdoor temperature).
Note: Within the day of the examination, another bento with a similar meal was not put in a thermos bag. After once, placed in the similar position, the meat inside lunch box was iced, and the soup ended up being completely cold without temps.
Cold preservation test: Use it with an ice load up. The ice pack is positioned flat in the refrigerator or freezer. After very cold, put it in a insulation bag, place it on top or side of meals, beverage, fruit, and some other items, and then tense up the zipper. After with regards to 6 hours, the snow pack has completely melted, and the food and beverages while in the pack are still at the temperature just taken out from the refrigerator (related to the actual indoor and outdoor temperature).
For easy-to-melt foods for instance ice cream, please reference the recommended storage to get 30-60 minutes. It is also recommended to bear no more than 3KG.
The effect of heat preservation depends upon the change of the actual external environment temperature, the quantity of content, and the change belonging to the original temperature! Cannot be generalized!

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