1 In 1.1 Million

Covid-19 has brought much of the world to a stand still. It has brought to memory a viral illness that happened to me while traveling to Antarctica and South America back in 2007. The near impossible odds of becoming very sick from a strange disorder happened to me. 1 in a 1.1 Million Chance. Why me?
I had contracted a cold while traveling on an Ice Breaker down in Antarctica and it became a nasty chest infection. The ships doctor put me on an antibiotic, which I did not want, however I surrendered after some pressure from the doctor. It cleared up the chest infection for a few days but it reappeared after we returned to the city of Ushuaia, so I lay low for a couple of days in hopes it would retreat. It did to some extent. It was after a 11-hour flight from Santiago Chile, to Toronto that things started to get weird. When I got off the plane in Toronto, I was having trouble reading the signs. Wobbly on my feet as well. I passed it off as just the flu and being weary from all the travel.
Within 24 hours of arriving home I was occasionally seeing double and experiencing full on dizzy spells. The second morning, I couldn't walk. The only way to the bathroom was to crawl. Upon a visit to my doctor the next day, using every hand rail and wall to stay on my feet, I made it there. My doctor had not seen a case like this before because it is so rare. He advised me I should head to hospital emergency as they would have to deal with me right away averse to being on a waiting list to see a specialist. "Hurry. You could die".
It was after several hours of testing by the neurologist that they discovered I was suffering from an extremely rare disorder called Miller Fisher Syndrome. That's right. Only 1 in 1.1 million people in Canada get this per year. MFS is a neurological disorder where the body attacks itself. Namely the nervous system eats away at the myelin sheath covering of the nerves. It can be caused by a failed round of antibiotics and stress. Your own immune system is in fact attacking you. All your brain signals get scrambled. Imagine not having protective covering on the electrical wires in you home. But worse!
It resulted in a week long hospital stay where they flushed my immune system and had to rebuild it with fresh blood and immunoglobulin administered every 8 hours and lots of other blood plasma products. The good news, they said, was I would get back to a normal life in three or four months. It was 2 months before my eyesight returned to normal and I could stop wearing an eye patch to stop seeing double. Being a sailor, even after four months I could not even stand on a floating dock without getting dizzy. I fully recovered over a 5 months period. I do have some residue effects with reflexes but it has not impacted my life style.
So why am I sharing this now. If lighting strikes me twice, I am prepared to accept that. There are risks in life and there will always be casualties. What main stream media has failed to do during the covid-19 crisis is broadcast the importance of a healthy life style and good nutrition. They have been too damn busy fear mongering and selling medicines.
Go sit on your balcony and take in some natural vitamin D. Take lots of vitamin C. These two Vitamins alone will boost your immune system. If you worry and believe you will get sick you most certainly will. For Christ's sake. Take ownership of your health. The answer to this mess does not lie in a vaccine. It's lies with a healthy immune system.
Most covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths are a result of underlying conditions. My illness came as a result of a failed round of antibiotics. My immune system refused the foreign substance. If you have a problem with your health do something to help correct it. Don't be too damn lazy and wait for the vaccine. That is wimping out. Viruses come every year with different twists. Our body's immune system will deal with them but we must first love ourselves enough to get healthy. I'm doing my part being stuck at home. I just hope that everyone else while at home is doing the best, they can to ensure a healthy immune system. Yes, I would feel guilty if someone became ill from me. Why isn't it the 'at risk' who should stay in quarantine and let the healthy ones get on with life?
I will leave you with this. Think hard. You go and take your vaccines and you will be protected so the theory goes. So, If I don't take vaccines and you come into contact with me you should be fine, right? You did after all take the pill or the shot. You just pulled a Trojan condom over you and all is good. Isn't it me who is the one who should worry about getting sick? I rest my case.
I would go walk the streets tomorrow and not worry about my own life. I have had my 1 in 1.1 million and lived. I have learned first hand the value of a good immune system. I have studied what it takes to have a good immune system. My immune system is in top working order. What about yours?
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