How to increase the visibility of your website?

To make a website more accessible and closer to Internet users, it must be indexed and well referenced by search engines. This means that search engine robots (mainly Google) must scan the website and record it in their index to offer it to Internet users who carry out research relating to its theme. The search engine ranks websites that respond to the query typed in the search panel. According to many criteria, this ranking is defined, one of which is well known to SEO services in Lahore.

increase the visibility of your internet

For the website to appear among the first search results and thus benefit from more chances to be visited, it requires good natural referencing. This requires interventions on different levels.

On-site referencing

Years ago, the term on-site SEO was synonymous with keywords in strategic places on the web page. Nowadays, this technique is no longer effective, and search engines take into account many other criteria for ranking a website.

Technical optimization

The technical optimization on-site includes a set of interventions to improve a page's score in the eyes of a web page. We cite some technical optimizations used today:
  • Improvement on the page (title tag, meta description tag, alt attributes,…);
  • Mesh: use of links internal and external;
  • Page load speed: compress large resources and reduce server response time;
  • Use of for structured data;
  • Structuring of the URL of the page;
  • AMP version and easy mobile navigation.

Writing Optimized content

Content remains one of the essential criteria for the ranking of a website. Indeed, to provide the best results to their users, search engines value relevant, fresh, unique, and regularly updated content. By relevant, we mean content responding to the query entered by the user in the search panel. The relevance of optimized web content is determined by the lexical field used and its ease of reading and accessibility.

Off-site SEO

This term includes net linking techniques that aim to improve the reputation of the website. The latter is developed by obtaining links pointing to the site from sites of the same theme and high quality. Indeed, nowadays, we must prioritize the quality of links over quantity. Thus, having quality external links ( backlinks ) improves the domain's authority, thus putting it in the order of reference in its domain.


Any SME or startup must have a high-quality website to ensure a good presence on the web and bring qualified leads. In short, a well-referenced website is the best sales agent a business can have.
Besides websites, you can set up a sales strategy to boost your marketing and increase your turnover.

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